CARO Bangladesh

A vision of empowerment, equity, and social justice guides CARO's journey in Bangladesh. We collaborate with diverse stakeholders to address critical issues and pave the way for a brighter future.


Our Programs in Bangladesh:


Project Crown: Empowering Bangladesh's Future Leaders through political leadership training and educational programs.


Research Collaborations: Driving Innovation for Social Impact through community-based research projects.


Student Engagement Programs: Building Leaders for Tomorrow through leadership development workshops, community service projects, and highly sophisticated internships within CARO.


Igniting Conversations, Inspiring Change: CARO's campaigns in Bangladesh encourage dialogue, critical thinking, and civic participation. From democracy and free speech to empowerment through writing, we spark meaningful conversations and drive positive change.


Empowering Bangladesh's future leaders through political leadership training, innovative research collaborations for social impact, dynamic student engagement programs, and transformative campaigns fostering dialogue and civic participation.



Our Civic Engagement Journey 

So Far,


Thoughts Unleashed: Facilitating dialogue on pressing topics.


Player One for Democracy and Free Speech: Advocating for fundamental rights and governance through video content.


Empowerment through Writing: Fostering change through creative expression by arranging article-writing competitions.


Upbeat Politics Video: Promoting constructive discourse and unity through video content competitions and CARO awareness videos released by the CARO Digital Media Team.


CARO Comment Challenge: Our internally developed and promoted Facebook virtual game encourages people to speak up by posting comments on any Facebook post and marking a specific symbol to show that it's their reply. This game helps people overcome shyness and speak their minds.


Noteworthy: The '53 Years of Independence - Expectations and Achievements' campaign engaged 70 contestants from 40 districts and all divisions of Bangladesh, including students from prestigious institutions such as Dhaka University, Chittagong University, Chittagong Medical College, and more. Participants highlighted Bangladesh's achievements and challenges, with expectations ranging from combating corruption and enhancing education to fostering national unity and ensuring economic stability, reflecting the diverse perspectives of the nation's youth.



Ask Questions


Ask Questions Hosted by CARO


CARO is starting a new initiative called "Ask Questions" as a part of its engagement strategy. This innovative campaign encourages individuals to submit thought-provoking questions related to pressing societal issues. The goal is to foster meaningful dialogue and drive positive change by exploring different perspectives.Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into the heart of the discourse.

Engage, Empower, Evolve: CARO's Initiatives Sparking Dialogue, Advocacy, and Participation - Unleashing Thoughts, Advocating Free Speech, Empowering Through Writing, Promoting Constructive Politics, and Inspiring Active Citizenship. Coming Soon: 'Ask Questions,' A New Initiative Driving Thoughtful Discourse and Positive Change.