CARO Volunteer Empowerment Program 

Shaping Futures, Driving Change


Program Duration: 3 Months


Program Objective: The CARO Volunteer Empowerment Program 1.0 aims to redefine traditional norms, prepare youth for future careers, and empower individuals to drive positive community transformation.


Program Overview


Orientation Session:

  • Introduction to CARO's vision, mission, values, and work culture.

  • Exploration of CARO's innovative approach and goals.

  • Opportunity for volunteers to share their aspirations and skills.


Departmental Allocation: Volunteers will be assigned to specific departments based on their interests and educational background. Current openings include:


  1. Communication and Outreach (Remote): Managing public relations, social media, and community engagement.

  2. Campaigns (Hybrid): Organizing and conducting various CARO programs, including workshops, seminars, and gatherings.

  3. Digital Media Team (Remote): Video editing, graphics design, and website management.

  4. CARO Education:

    • Research and Development (Hybrid): Conducting research, analyzing data, and generating insights.

    • Content Creation (Remote): Writing articles, creating multimedia content, and developing educational materials.

    • Video Production (Remote): Planning, filming, and editing videos for online courses.

  5. HR (Remote): Recruitment, training, and maintenance of Human Resources operations.


Skills Development Workshops:

  • Communication Skills: Verbal and written communication, active listening.

  • Language Skills: Bangla and English language proficiency for professionalism.

  • Storytelling and Creative Writing: Crafting compelling narratives.

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Analytical thinking, decision-making.

  • Digital Marketing: Social media management, content creation.

  • Leadership Skills: Team management, conflict resolution.

  • Time Management: Prioritization, organization.

  • Meditation and Mental Health: Stress management, mindfulness.


Daily Activities and Challenges:

  • Volunteers will undertake daily tasks related to their department and acquired skills.


Mentorship and Guidance:

  • Each volunteer will be paired with a CARO team mentor for personalized guidance and feedback.


Project Participation:

  • Volunteers will contribute to CARO projects that are aligned with their interests and skills.


Graduation Ceremony:

  • The program will conclude with a formal graduation ceremony recognizing volunteers' achievements and contributions.



  • Enhanced communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

  • Increased confidence and self-awareness.

  • Practical experience in project management and teamwork.

  • Strengthened connections within the community and professional networks.

  • Empowerment to drive positive change and contribute effectively to organizational and societal goals.


Special Attraction


Opportunity to become CARO's next paid intern


Commitment Required:

  • Participation in weekly meetings.

  • Participation in Weekly Workshops.

  • Weekly contribution to assigned departmental works.


Application Process:

  • Visit the CARO website to learn more and submit your application.

  • Complete the online form detailing your skills, interests, and motivation.

  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a virtual interview.


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