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CARO Successfully Conducts Virtual Orientation and Grooming Session for VRP Phase-2 Volunteer Applicants


Md. Khaled Syfullah


On the evening of May 5, 2024, at 9:00 PM, CARO hosted a highly anticipated virtual orientation and grooming session for the selected applicants of Phase 2 of its Volunteer Empowerment Program 1.0. The session, conducted via Google Meet, witnessed enthusiastic participation from a diverse cohort of students representing prestigious public and private universities across the country.


The event commenced with a heartfelt welcome from Md. Khaled Syfullah, Co-Founder, and Head of HR at CARO, who delivered an inspiring opening speech, emphasizing the organization's commitment to empowering youth through volunteerism and professional development initiatives.


Safa Ifthisum, the proficient host of the session, ensured a seamless experience for participants, facilitating engaging interactions and discussions throughout the program.


The orientation segment provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of CARO's mission, vision, and operational methodologies. Detailed information about the volunteer requirements process, including system requirements and program guidelines, was shared to ensure clarity and transparency.


Founder and Head of the Think Tank at CARO, A.N.M. Nuruddin, joined the session to lead the grooming segment. Despite being conducted virtually, Nuruddin's expertise and enthusiasm resonated as he equipped participants with essential skills and techniques to enhance their professional demeanor and personal grooming.


However, amidst the enriching discussions, the session took a somber turn as the floor was opened for participants to share their questions via video. Despite the absence of visible responses, CARO ensured that all queries were addressed promptly and comprehensively.


The session concluded with valuable guidance from Arafat Bin Yusuf, Co-Founder, and Head of Finance at CARO, who reiterated the importance of dedication, collaboration, and continuous learning in driving meaningful impact within the community.


The virtual orientation and grooming session marked a significant milestone in CARO's ongoing efforts to empower and equip volunteers with the skills and knowledge needed to make meaningful contributions to society, even in virtual settings.